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Tiffany has literally changed my life and how I eat and think about food. She is SO kind-hearted and an exceptionally talented nurturer.. We began just slowly identifying the things that would work for me and my diet and she was able to help me control my blood pressure and blood sugar.
- JS

Real Solutions through Real Food

There are hundreds of reasons to begin Nutrition + Wellness Coaching, but you are here because you want to find balance and feel amazing while enjoying the process. It is my passion and purpose to honor where you are on your journey and empower you to reach your goals.  You deserve to feel your best and accomplish all you’ve dreamed for yourself, just because you are here. I beyond grateful to have the opportunity to guide you on your path to discovering your health potential.



As a Nutrition + Wellness Coach, I create Personalized Plans that reflect your unique nutritional needs and long-term goals, the psychology of eating, the study of limiting beliefs, and healthy movement. This individualized journey will support your lifestyle, schedule, and budget all while ditching harsh diets, calorie counting, and exhausting workouts. You’ll learn which foods and lifestyle habits nourish your body and which deplete your nutrient stores.

What Will I Get From Nutrition + Wellness Consulting?

There is no "one size fits all" approach to Wellness. Your unique Personalized Plan will help you:

  • Identify the challenges keeping you from achieving your health goals

  • Break through mental blocks with activities structured to re-frame your limiting-beliefs

  • Support your schedule, relationships, and budget

  • Save money on groceries while feeling more full

  • Decrease cravings for depleting foods, fatigue, and negative behaviors

  • Increase energy, feelings of fulfillment, and cravings for healthy foods

  • Maintain the momentum and excitement gained from our consults

  • Motivate yourself through positive affirmations and social support

  • Integrate helpful tools like recipes, food plans, and activities

  • Learn realistic + sustainable regimens to automate your healthy habits

  • Create delicious, family-friendly meals with easy recipes

  • Discover a fun physical activity that meets you at your level

  • Empower yourself to optimize your health long term!


Imagine a wellness program that produced long-term results and Supported your lifestyle while eliminating crash diets and over-exercising.

I know what it is like to feel lost, helpless, and defeated when searching for relief from chronic symptoms because I’ve been there, too. Our world is saturated with quick fixes that lack personalization and the safety to continue them long-term. You may have already spent hundreds of dollars on supplements, shakes, diet plans, gym memberships, and specialists that don’t consider nutrition as a solution. They may work for a while but you soon find the challenge returns: the lost weight reappears. The digestive upset persists. The insomnia lags on night after night, leaving you tired and unable to focus. Your depression and anxiety creeps back in, preventing you from spending quality time with friends and family. Frustration sets in. You had a gleam of hope that you found a solution but now, you feel hopeless and you need a different solution.

Thriving is all about your healthy boundaries. The only person who has the power to create them is You.
— Tiffany Thomas

That new solution - that we create for you at Seasoned Soul Wellness - is an individualized approach to whole-body wellness that combines all lifestyle factors:

  • What you eat, believe, do, and see

  • How well you move, react to stress, sleep, and view the world

  • Where you live, work, and vacation (what’s that?!)

  • Who you are spending your time with, giving your energy to, and allowing in your life

  • Why you want to make the changes - the goal behind the goal

One simple factor could be the key of change to unlocking a wealth of optimal health within you to not only live fully, but to thrive.

Is Nutrition + Wellness Coaching right for you? Scroll down to use our checklist or click below to schedule your FREE 25-minute consult, now!

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How do I know Nutrition Consulting is right for me?

It is time for a nutritional consult if you answer 'yes' to one or more of the following:

  • I suffer from persistent, inexplicable symptoms

  • Consuming certain foods causes me pain, cramping, discomfort, or lethargy

  • I suffer from any acute or chronic condition or disease

  • I crave sweet, salty, or fatty foods

  • I oftentimes feel sluggish, irritable, unmotivated, and/or moody

  • I have moved to a new area with different weather, soil, and environment

  • I suffer from insomnia, restless legs, and/or itching during the night

  • I wake up not feeling refreshed, with stiff muscles and little energy

  • My mood is affecting my job and/or relationships

  • I have little or no appetite or I have an overactive appetite

  • I often feel depressed, unmotivated, and/or lack pleasure in things I once enjoyed

  • I need motivation to stay on a current health plan and/or lack support

  • I have high blood pressure or cholesterol, and/or an increased risk of heart disease

  • I have put on weight or have trouble gaining weight

  • I feel bloated, gassy, and discomfort after eating any amount of food

  • I have irregular, too frequent, or very few bowel movements

  • I live in a city with environmental pollutants

  • I would like to remove toxins and chemicals from my home

  • I live or work in an environment with little sunlight

  • I have been on antibiotics at least once during the last 2 years and/or chronically as a child

  • I am pregnant, hoping to become pregnant, or have recently given birth

  • Strong smells cause symptoms such as headaches, migraines, neck/back aches

  • I do not regularly consume organic produce, products, & meats

If you answered, “yes”, to one or more of the above, its time for your Consult.

Everyone can benefit from Nutrition Consulting.

however, My ideal client is one who is ready to:

  • Face their health concerns, challenges, and goals head on

  • Be open-minded about new + realistic methods

  • Have more energy and a feeling of well-being

  • Maintain their personalized diet + lifestyle adjustments with ongoing support

  • Try individualized, easy, and delicious recipes (yes, even desserts!)

  • Say, "NO", to things keeping them from achieving your goals

  • Say, "YES", to a healthier life map

  • Reduce stressors and eliminate toxins

  • Learn new daily rituals and habits

  • Expand their self-love and motivation

  • Feel better!

if this sounds like you, take the first step
by scheduling your first nutrition consult.


Tiffany Thomas, NC, E-RYT200, Private Chef

Tiffany Thomas, NC, E-RYT200, Private Chef


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