Aloha! I'm Tiffany Thomas, and here’s my story.


I am a Private Chef, Nutritionist, and Yoga instructor who brings you all things craveable + nourishing.

Before opening Seasoned Soul Wellness, I was a Chef for over ten years at some of the most notable restaurants in Seattle including Altura, Mistral Kitchen, Cascina Spinasse, and Lark. Chasing the sun, my husband, Philip, and I swapped the downtown city life for the beaches of Maui in 2016. I enjoy cooking dinner parties for friends, a fiery Vinyasa yoga practice, mountain hikes, swims in the beautiful ocean, walks at sunsets, and dining out for inspiration. Food has always been my expression of love. I remember pushing up a chair to the counter and rolling pasta with my Sicilian Grandpa, Frank. A few years later at age 12, I was the cooking family dinners every night. Now, I live for food travels and adventures with friends + family. My extensive journeys through the restaurant industry, culinary school, international travels, and continued gastronomical research helps me find inspiring ways to introduce the world of delicious food to any family + diet lifestyle. My favorite cuisines to cook are Moroccan, Middle Eastern, Vietnamese, and regional Italian for their vibrant color, transporting flavors, and nutritional properties. Even though the sky’s the limit, I specialize in worldly cuisines that are naturally gluten-free and dairy-free, auto-immune protocol (AIP), and vegan raw cakes. I love to create custom menus reflecting the client’s unique personal requests and dietary needs. In a world quickly turning automated and impersonal, I am proud to offer clients personalized services at a fair price. I believe everyone deserves delicious, nourishing, and soul-warming food.


My passion for nutrition began when looking to heal my own body. After years of misdiagnosis and nowhere to turn, I began researching how the food I was eating was contributing to my illness. In just one month, the symptoms I had been suffering from for over 10 years virtually disappeared. I became fascinated with Nutrition and how it can help prevent illness, treat ailments, and promote energy. I was always that person others would ask nutrition and well-being advice from. I am a proud summa cum laude graduate of the accredited Hawthorn University for Nutrition, and truly enjoy offering compassionate, judgement-free support through all things wellness: mind, body, nutrition, and lifestyle. Knowing there is no one-size-fits-all diet, I create realistic Personalized Plans to empower clients to take delicious + fun steps to reach their goals and optimize their health. I believe we are made to not only live well, but to thrive.


My personal yoga practice began after heartbreak. Honestly! I realized I needed something that was just for me. I needed something that taught me how to connect with and care for my own body, while getting much-needed physical activity. Yoga has since helped me create a positive paradigm, heal from abuse and trauma, and discover self-healing tools while connecting with a rewarding community. At the time, I was still in the restaurant industry - managing a kitchen in a highly stressful environment. One hour before I began that chaos to just be sounded amazing! I took to the practice quickly. Less than two years in, I felt I needed a catalyst for a personal transformation. So, in January 2012, I headed to Costa Rica for a month to obtain my Yoga Teacher Training certificate through Frog Lotus Yoga International(RYS). I have since taught in and managed reputable studios across Seattle including Yogalife, Lila Yoga, and Live, Love, Flow. Private Yoga for beginners and seasoned yogis is still the most rewarding avenue for me to share the practice as I prefer to connect 1:1 while creating a safe space for growth. This allows my students and I to learn their individual needs, goals, and challenges, resulting in a practice supportive of their bodies. I continue to enjoy exploring the world of Yoga through All-levels Private Yoga Lessons here in LA County.


I am so grateful to be able to share the goodness of wellness with you and humbled to be a member of the Maui & LA communities, farms, and families. To read testimonies of some of the wonderful individuals I have been lucky enough to serve on this journey, please visit the Reviews page. To get to know me even better, follow us on Instagram.

Happy Eating xoxo,

Tiffany Thomas, NC, E-RYT200
Owner, Seasoned Soul Wellness