5/5 stars Nutrition Consulting (ongoing) Verified Review
”I had been feeling worse for the wear essentially from the time my son was born 7 years ago. At first everyone told me it was because I had just created a human and then birthed him, after which I actually continued to nurture and take care of said human. After about 6 years, I knew something was really off - I was severely bloated, experienced a lot of discomfort from eating food, could not lose weight or find enough energy to workout. More importantly, my muscles were just so fatigued. Then, I saw an InstaGram post from Tiffany - and my life changed. I worked with her one-on-one long distance (I live in WA state) to create a food and supplement plan to deal with Candida. I cannot tell you how amazing I felt!! Doctors were telling me I needed to just lose weight and start exercising, but then Tiffany changed all that. I highly recommend that you take the time to speak with her, and let her really dive deep into what may be happening with you. What I also love is that after we were done with the planning and follow up, she has continued to share tips and tricks to keep me healthy. Tiffany is really in touch with the needs of women, and understands deeply how food and nutrition play a part in our health.”
- Surtida Shelton, April 2019

5/5 stars Private Chef Chef (ongoing) Verified Review
”Tiffany was our personal chef for several years. She is a highly gifted and creative cook. Tiffany introduced us to many ethic dishes that we had never had. This was one of many reasons that we really appreciated her. Never did she makes a dish that wasn't top of the line! We were deeply saddened when she moved from Seattle to Hawaii. Our new chef is also very good, but she is NOT Tiffany! If you choose to engage Tiffany you will not be sorry!”
- Jan Stout, August 2018

5/5 stars Private Chef (one-time) Verified Review
”While vacationing in Maui, we ordered some meals from Tiffany. They were the most delicious and healthiest meals we had on the island!”
- Laura Walhood, April 2018

5/5 stars Private Chef (ongoing) Verified Review
”Tiffany, of Seasoned Soul, is awesome and her food is too! I believe she saved my life when both my husband and I were very sick, and I couldn’t do my own cooking. She took time to listen carefully to our requirements, and then suggested lots of possibilities that were perfect for us. And she delivered! Both literally and figuratively… We live on the opposite side of the island and she cooked and brought over food that was delicious, nutritious, and perfectly cooked. It was also beautiful! (And my husband is a picky eater!) We loved her bright cheery demeanor and her food so much that we’re continuing to have her deliver some food each week. We highly recommend Tiffany for any time and any occasion!”
- Suzy Allegra March 2018

5/5 stars Private Chef (ongoing) Verified Review
"In August 2017 we traveled to Maui for 3 weeks to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. The second week we rented a home in Kihei and our 3 children, their spouses and 2 grandchildren joined us. Our group included omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans.  Tiffany was our chef for lunch and dinner. Prior to our arrival she planned out the menu for the week. We provided her with a food shopping list for snacks and breakfast items. She did it all shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleanup. We could not have been more pleased with all that she did. The food she cooked was phenomenal. It was better than the restaurants at the 5 star resorts in Maui that we had eaten at the week prior. We had a different theme for each night: Middle Eastern, Mexican, Italian, Caribbean, etc. We chose to have the food served family style and the presentation was beautiful. I would highly recommend Tiffany to anyone. Not only was the food outrageously delicious (and healthy) but Tiffany was so easy to get along with. We felt like she was part of our family. The only issue we had was not being able to convince her to come to the Big Island with us the following week.  Don't hesitate, believe me, you won't be sorry. 
- D.Tanzi September 10th, 2017

5/5 stars Private Chef (ongoing) Verified Review
"A few months ago, I was invited to a dinner party. The finest introduction I had that night was to Tiffany's extraordinary culinary skills. The fact that Tiffany is a nutrition consultant sealed the deal for me. The timing was perfect as I was preparing to upgrade my health from the inside out. I now have Tiffany preparing all of my meals. Every meal is made to my specifications: organic, fresh, nutritionally dense, balanced, interesting, and exquisite to taste. Tiffany is a lovely human being; kind, grounded, gifted. When you combine her attributes as a chef and yoga instructor, you have someone who nourishes you body and soul."
 - P.Hearst February 7, 2017

5/5 stars Private Chef (one-time)
"Our experience with Tiffany was simply wonderful! We had Tiffany come to our condo (which we rented for the week in Maui) and she prepared an amazing dinner and came back several days later to prepare an awesome brunch as well. Her ingredients were fresh and locally sourced, her creativity was top-notch and she infused her own unique twists on local food fare to make it her own. She was great about communication prior to our time together and really delivered a 'wow factor' on our family vacation. I can easily recommend Tiffany to anyone who may be in Maui for either a special occasion or if you simply want a great meal prepared to your liking without all the fuss in the kitchen.

We already can't wait to come back to Maui so we can have Tiffany over again (probably more than twice next time). Mahalo!

Food favorites from our meals:
-Dinner: ahi poke with avocado, mango, and tomato salad served on fresh greens
-Kalbi chicken and shrimp skewers with kimchi rice
-Amazing coconut custard dessert
-Brunch: Portuguese sausage and roasted pepper quiche *amazing*"
 - Kevin P. on October 21, 2016

5/5 stars Private Chef & Nutritionist (ongoing) Verified Review 
"Tiffany has literally changed my life and how I eat and think about food. She is SO kind-hearted and an exceptionally talented nurturer who has the best tasting food and instinct for what my family would love. We began just slowly identifying the things that would work for me and my diet and she was able to help me control my blood pressure, and my blood sugar. I’ve also been able to stay very healthy and active with the types of foods she makes! My family is addicted to her lasagna, her quiches, and her meatloafs! She has a great ability to listen and adjust in real-time and she always is there for me when I need her. She works hard to find great ingredients when we are feeling like we need a change, and I consider her part of my health team—focused on making sure that my body, mind, and spirit is always in tune.
I think that sometimes one may think that having a cook or chef help us is too extravagant, but if you think about how much we eat out and how much you spend on looking good—food that goes into our body is the top priority. It’s hard to prioritize the real things—but this is one of them. DO not hesitate to prioritize yourself and your health, plus your palette! She will surprise you and she is open to all sorts of issues you may be facing—reach out and find out more! She’s the best!"
 - JS on August 13, 2016

5/5 stars Health and Wellness coaching Verified Review
"A few months ago, I found I was in need of a "reset." My schedule had become crazy, and all of my healthy habits had gone out the window with the increasing amount of stress. From the first moment I met Tiffany, it was clear she understood my dilemma and was ready to support me in whatever way worked best for my lifestyle. I hired her as a personal chef and yoga instructor and have been THRILLED with the results! Her food is phenomenal - delicious and so nourishing. And I'm amazed by the way our 2x weekly yoga sessions have impacted both my mind and body. I'm stronger and calmer and have found new healthy habits that make me feel great. Tiffany is an amazing coach and resource, but above all she feels like a partner in helping me reach my goals. I can't recommend her highly enough!"
 - Heidi S. on October 15, 2015

5/5 stars Cooking Lessons Verified Review
"We had a group of friends over for the weekend and hired Tiffany to demonstrate and cook a meal for us. The price was right and I appreciated Tiffany's timely responses to my emails. The day of the demonstration: Tiffany arrived promptly as scheduled. Minimal preparation on our part. It was fascinating to watch her prepare the food. She provided in-depth knowledge regarding food and its preparation. Even the non-cook in our group was enjoying the experience. The food was interesting and delicious! A wonderful evening for all. I would highly recommend Tiffany."
 - Karen G. on July 13, 2015

5/5 stars Personal Chef (One Time) Verified Review
"Great experience. Tiffany prepared an awesome 4 course meal for our anniversary and we will definitely hire again."
UPDATE: Hired again June 2016
 - Michael D. on June 28, 2015

5/5 stars Personal Chef (Ongoing) Verified Review
"Tiffany was so flexible and happy to help us with our son who would rather be on the computer than learn to cook good meals. She was generous with her time and knowledgeable about nutrition."
 - Elizabeth G. on May 25, 2015

5/5 stars Yoga Instructor Verified Review
"I booked 5 sessions with Tiffany and I am very inexperienced. It's been a really great experience and I look forward to finishing up my sessions, booking more and eventually moving into a regular classroom setting. Tiffany is knowledgeable, patient, kind and a good teacher. She's been able to adapt the practice to my specific body limitations and has really inspired me to work on some of the poses in my own time/between our sessions. I'd recommend her to beginners looking to learn and grow or experienced folks who would prefer not having to go to a class. The private instruction is perfect for folks all over the spectrum."
 - Dorothy Z. on February 21, 2014

5/5 stars Yoga Instructor Verified Review
"Tiffany is a very good yoga instructor not only her skill, but the knowledge about yoga and health. She makes sure everyone in the class can benefit from her teaching. She is very energetic."
 - Yen F. on October 29, 2013



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