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All-levels practice for individuals, groups, and workplace

Private Yoga Lessons

Private yoga lessons are a great introduction to a new yoga practice or to deepen an existing one. Students look to private yoga lessons to prevent or treat injuries, begin a practice in a comfortable environment of choice, or explore a study of more advanced poses. Classes are taught with experience (certified E-RYT200) in traditional yoga styles of Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, or Restorative styles, focusing on alignment and breath while moving through mindful sequences. Lessons may include hands-on assisting designed to protect the body while deepening the pose and exploring your range of motion. Choose one-on-one sessions, classes with a friend or family member, or Group yoga for retreats, the workplace, special events, and group vacations.

Private Yoga Lesson Rates*

Single Student class                                                $85 / 60min               $100 / 75min

Double Student class                                              $150 / 75 min             

5 Single Student class pack                                   $400 / 60 min             $475 / 75 min

10 Single Student class pack (best value)              $800 / 60 min            $950 / 75 min

Group Yoga 3+ students                                         $275 / 75 min            

*Pricing does not include local tax. Rates are subject to change based on location. Email for special requests and more information.

Yoga in the Workplace

Discover how yoga can relieve daily stresses and bring more focus to your workday, all without leaving the office! These sequences are specially designed to release tension of the daily grind: stretching to release tight muscles, deep breathing to relieve stress, and strengthening to re-energize. Yoga-At-Work builds morale, improves clarity & mood, increases productivity, and gives you something to look forward to during the week (other than the end of it). Corporate yoga is recurring weekly classes with no student maximum so it can be a great value.

Corporate Yoga Lesson Rates per week*

1 class per week                            $225 / 60 min

*Pricing does not include local tax. Rates are subject to change based on location. Email for special requests and more information.

Yoga for Special Events and Retreats

Create a unique and fun event! Yogis of all level and familiarity to the practice enjoy inviting the benefits of yoga to their special events including:

  • Weekly yoga with coworkers at the workplace to build morale, de-stress, re-engergize, relieve tight muscles, relax the mind

  • Family reunions to help build connectivity and trust, have fun, and introduce a new hobby for everyone to share

  • Adding yoga to a group brunch, luncheon, or dinner party for a unique way to celebrate

  • A weekly day/night yoga event with friends

  • Bachelorette/Bachelor party is a creative and memorable way to bond with family, friends, and bridal party

  • Couples Yoga to reconnect and inspire a recreational physical activity to enjoy with your partner Makes a great gift!

Email for Special requests and inquiries.


Private Yoga Lessons make the perfect gift!

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